Been a busy busy busy bee lately~

Aside from projects I’ve been working on my webcomic Bath Haus! It’s a comic about the unlikely friendship between a gutsy kid named Billy and the notorious hitman Xu while working at Bath Haus, a mutual ground for the city’s toughest gangsters.

Updates on Saturday! I’ll give you a link once the site is ready!! <3 


Kat I've loved your work for a long time! I just wanted some advice, you have such a great grasp of the human anatomy and how to manipulate it illustratively, how did you develop your style? And how do you continue to get better?

ommggg thank you so much!! Ughhhh that means a lot! U3U

It’s quite simple really: Never underestimate the power of reference! I can’t emphasize how helpful it is forcing your friends/family to pose for you. 

Also practicing figure drawing is pretty vital. Overtime you absorb the knowledge of how anatomy works based on observation which is a skill that doesn’t hurt to learn (looking at you superhero comics!)And don’t give me none of that "I’m drawing in my own style, so I don’t need any reference". Bullshit! Yeah just because that artist draws far from a realistic fashion doesn’t mean the rules doesn’t apply to them too. Trust me your art will look waaaaay better with this knowledge and you’ll look like you know what the hell you’re doing!

As for my style it’s just a hodgepodge of influences by favorite artists throughout the years. Just taking that one little thing you like from that artist and integrate it with your style.

Good advice I learned from Sva: trace a drawing from an artist you like, could be something similar to your own style or far from it (I encourage the latter!) Learn their technique!! Also it helps to know what you want in a style and learn how to execute it.

Don’t let the fear of being accused as a copycat stop you from learning. No one and I repeat no one starts off with an original style! As harsh as that may sound every artist is in fact influenced by another, even the big guys start off somewhere. It’s just a matter of honing that skill to create something cooler and different that’ll make you stand out from the rest.  

And don’t be afraid to experiment! If you hate the medium try it out again and again and again! I often find myself on a roller coaster of loving & hating a specific tool and that’s completely okay! As your taste in art change over time so does your preference in mediums! (2 years ago like a vampire to sunlight I couldn’t touch watercolors from pure fear & hatred. And now it’s like my favorite thing to use ;3)

As for continuing to get better, I’d say give yourself a challenge once in a while?? Make a list of stuff you don’t like/are terrible at drawing and just force yourself to draw something from that list every week. Don’t be afraid to fuck it up. Learn from your mistakes and use those references! 

Sorry, that became a longer response than I expected. But I hope it has been some useful advice! (◍•﹏•)



What ever happened to your Sweet & Sour comic? The website doesn't exist anymore?? :(

Ah yes good ole S&S! That comic was put on hold for busy schedule reasons. It was basically an experimental project for a webcomic class I took senior year at SVA. However between freelancing and school work I barely had time to work on the series. But it’s a comic I really want to continue working on in the near future after finishing my projects atm. ‘Cause who doesn’t like a story about a crazy monster punk band??